Canterbury inventory has had a large jump on 22nd July, just like Otago does every year at about this time. What a coincidence, just maybe a large student property manager is initiating the Otago method of trying to force students to rent throughout the year by advertising next years flats.

It looks like it was tried last year.without much success, but I guess a few meetings of PMs has given the idea more punch. Cartel anyone? Or is that speculation too much?

In direct contrast to other centres, there were too many properties in Christchurch for the last few years simply due to Government interference in the construction industry. The population has obviously scarpered and too many new houses were built. This now looks like it may have reached close to equilibrium. It's difficult to know where the long term average was prior to the earthquake, but I suspect it is around the level of 2010, i.e. right where we are now!

The impact and aftermath of the earthquake can also be seen when comparing rents to household income, all major Canterbury region rents rising post earthquake but returning to the pre-earthquake average last year.

The National line is compared to the National Average Household income.

Jonette 2011