Reporting a new region with a very different trend than any other - Otago, where student numbers outnumber any other renters. This enables landlords to ensure the following year tenants secure their home and pay over the university holidays.

You can see this change in advertised listings between June and August below

Every year at the mid-year point, students organise their flat for the following year. This means landlods advertise at a common time to ensure they get a tenant and enable choice of tenants.

Back in 2009 when there was plenty of students and a little before the Christchurch earthquake, the rush to advertise started at the beginning of August (green little dots). Landlords started advertising earlier each year until 2012 as more properties came on the market - likely the increase in supply was driving earlier advertising.

The last two years has seen the trend reverse as flat numbers no longer meet demand, enabling landlords to be more relaxed about advertising times

Jonette 2011