Today in History

Wellington rental inventories (listings) decline has slowed to settle at just above 1%, along with Hamilton and Tauranga. Rents in these cities are under severe pressure in catchup mode - see the latest Eastbourne rents shown hereand the 3 major city wide rent rises shown here

Auckland inventory is about normal, i.e. almost 3%, just under the level at the time of the Christchurch Earthquake. The rental increases over the last couple of years appear too high, so pressure may increase to drop/hold prices as competition heats up with increasing houses.

This chart shows inventory levels compared to the same date last year (29 August 2018), so seasonality is accounted for.

Note the oversupply in Christchurch has come down - no surprise rents dropped so much, however I would expect them to be levelling now if not rising.

Jonette 2011