Wellington vacant housing must be low

This chart of listings in Wellington City only (excl Hutt and Porirua) is getting more extreme every week. Assuming most advertised properties are empty during advertising, the total number of empty properties in Wellington must be at an all-time low with both rental and sales listings at their lowest on my records.

Buying must be getting very difficult with only 500 houses for sale where usually there are well over 1000 at this time of year.

While the rental listings jumped this week, that is normal in the first new year week as landlords start looking for students as last years group move on.

Here is the sales listings on an annual basis for the last few years on the same scale - this lear looks pretty bad for the Real Estate industry, especially with serious competition from home sales

Notice that for the whole of the Wellington region, the two weeks this year are 40% below last year! Where too from here?

Jonette 2011