Is Facebook changing renting?

I am a member of our local Community Facebook page and more frequently I am seeing advertisements for local homes available for rent - with no links to a Trademe listing. While a Trademe listing may be present is this the start of a trend? Is Trademe in trouble from Facebook?

Our latest inventory by major region on an annual basis shows a consistent downward trend in the number of listings, this could be from many factors though and must not be thought of as a reduction in supply or increase in demand without further information

BTW, the reason this is indexed to the earthquake is that there was a reduction of houses available at that time - over-construction that followed has now led to over-capacity.

Major reasons for the national changes in inventory include:

1. Demand - Shortage of buildings for rent due to immigration

2. Supply - Lack of construction in the right places (note Auckland is still increasing in the number of properties listed)

3. Hidden - Advertising changes away from Trademe (Facebook, Trademe prices)

4. Supply - Tenants staying longer in current properties (certainly my experience)

5. Demand - Tenants having more people per property - taking on boarders etc

6. Supply - Cost of construction doubled in the last 10 years due to regulatory changes, ceasing build to rent.

7. Supply - Government destruction of housing stock that does not meet their requirements and not rebuilding (due to their regulations increasing costs?)

From the chart:

Christchurch growth in inventory is reducing, but still positive - i.e. too many houses still being built

Auckland is almost at equilibrium. The construction boom is likely to meet a demand shortage at the prices required to create a rental house.

Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga all continuing to run out of houses for rent, Tauranga seems to have turned the corner (not visible in this chart) but Wellington and Hamilton are continuing to show a reduction in supply.

Jonette 2011