Rental Listings maintained for 3 years, but big cities gaining

Rental listings in New Zealand, as counted in the dominant NZ listings website, statistics, have remained constant over the last 3 years. However, very big changes are happening between the regions and the major cities, with little evidence of a national impact as a result of the earthquake in Christchurch.

The total listings in NZ are currently a little under 13,000, with 4000 of those in Auckland. The chart shows a drop in listings in Canterbury (Christchurch) since the earthquake in February 2011, but no other current change. The big changes are in Auckland, down 50% and both the minor regions and Wellington, where listings have risen by 50% since December 2008.

According to local news reports, rental prices are rising in Auckland and flat in the rest of New Zealand, but this is not well supported by facts. I will review the data I have on these in a future blog

Jonette 2011