This website is a place to publish analysis I do for myself and make it available for others. If you are frustrated that I have not updated anything - ask, the site is not busy so I am slack.

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I list changes on Twitter - @Lizarn

Property markets are often changing and Wellington is no exception.

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Trademe Inventory shows the level of listings as a percentage of actual rentals in the 2013 NZ population survey.

Today in History Provides a chart of inventory related to the same date as the published date but for 2011 just after the Christchurch earthquake, which has clearly influenced inventory nationwide.

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and any others are ages with the latest updates by region.

I also collect detail data by TA in Wellington, I may get that up someday - ask if you want it

Blog The Blog provides a short comment on any issue of the day, I may not update this now that I have created a page per city

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